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The best motorcycle communication devices for riders and passengers

Founded in 2001 Starcom1 manufacture and design world class motorcycle communication and entertainment systems. Our systems are specifically designed to cater for every communication and entertainment need of a rider and passenger. Starcom1 systems have been installed to literally tens of thousands of motorcycles across the globe.

Starcom1 is uniquely designed to give maximum performance, comfort and safety for riders and passengers alike. Using innovative designs and leading edge technology to provide ultimate noise cancelling capability, our systems deliver crystal clear sound and are tested to speeds in excess of 100 mph.

Starcom products can be purchased from our website or by calling Sales/Support: 01487 840 960.

MCN - Motorcycle News UK

‘This British built-intercom system is among the best if not the best available'.

Ride - Starcom1 Advance on-bike communication kit

The system gives crystal clear sound, even at high speed on the fairing-free GSR and the rider-to-pillion voice activated system really works. - READ MORE

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