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Bluetooth headsets for wireless motorcycle communication

Bluetooth Module

Starcom1 Bluetooth Modules

Starcom has developed a range of Bluetooth modules allowing wireless integration and connection of devices to a Starcom system. Its is no longer necessary to connect your phone or GPS to the system using cables.

Once the phone or GPS has been paired to the BTM-02 module, a wireless Bluetooth connection is established. This means the phone can be kept out of the way in a pocket or tank bag as the module provides an auto answer feature. Every time the bike is switched on the system auto reconnects to the devices so they are immediately available to use.

Helmet headsets for motorcycle communication
Standard Headsets

The Starcom system is fully adaptable to your chosen style of helmet.

SH-006 Headset suitable for Open/Flip Helmet

When you order a Starcom system please specify which style of headset you require.

In-Ear Speaker Headsets
Many people like to use their own bespoke moulded In-Ear Speaker plugs.

PP-04 Headset with 3.5mm socket for connection of In-ear Speakers (Full-face Helmet version)
PP-06 Headset with 3.5mm socket for connection of In-ear Speakers (Open/Flip Helmet version)

PP-24 Headset with 3.5mm socket and Speakers (Full-face)
PP-26 Headset with 3.5mm Socket and Speakers (open/flip)

PP-10 Generic Stereo Plug/Phones

Headsets for Alternative Applications

The PRO-002 and SH-010 headsets are particularly suited to Starcom systems which have been installed into a vehicle where there is no legal requirement for the driver to wear a helmet.

PRO-002 features two in-ear speakers with a lightweight microphone boom. It can be worn with or without a helmet.
SH-010 Peltor Ear Defender Headset as used by pit crews is also ideal in applications where a helmet is not required and in areas of high background noise ie motorboating, classic sportscars, microlites etc

Motorcycle communication accessories

Hsex-01Headset extension lead 1.5m coiled cable also available 2m and 60 cm straight cable

Motorbike communication accessory

Pro-Fit1 profession fitting Kit includes: 2x HSEX-04 1x EXT-01 1xBKT-01

Starcom1 extension leads and fittings

Headset Extension Cables are available in a range of different lengths.
The standard 1.5m coiled cable HSEX-01 is supplied with all of our headsets
as standard.

HSEX-01 Headset Extension Lead 2m Coiled cable
HSEX-02 Headset Extension Lead 60cm/2ft Straight cable
HSEX-03 Headset Extension Lead 2m/6ft Straight cable

Pro-Fit1 Professional Fitting Kit: Weatherproof bulkhead connectors.

Wireless motorbike communication accessories
Bike to Bike radio Kits and Cables

Connection of a suitable PMR radio for bike2bike communications is easily achieved with our range of radio cables for Kenwood, Motorola,Midland and Icom. (Please refer to the Buying Page). We highly recommend Kenwood radios for use with our systems.

Kenwood TK3301 Professional Specification License-free PMR Radio. For the professional rider.
Kenwood UBZ with 38 CTCSS tones and clear LCD. Ideal for the weekend biker.
PTT-02 Push to Talk cable. Connects directly to your Starcom for PTT operation of the radio.

Isolation cable for the Garmin Zumo

CAB-55/66 Garmin Zumo navigation isolation cable 2.5mm to Starcom1

GPS/Radar Interface Cables

Connecting a bike powered GPS or Radar to your Starcom is very easy but you must use an isolated cable to prevent interference and potential electrical damage of the device.

CAB-55 Isolated Audio/Mic cable for Garmin Zumo 550
CAB-66 Isolated Audio/Mic cable for Garmin Zumo 660
CAB-35 Isolated Mono Audio for GPS/Radar

If your GPS has a Bluetooth Headset Profile you can also connect using our Bluetooth Module BTM-02.”

MCN - Motorcycle News UK

‘This British built-intercom system is among the best if not the best available'.

Ride - Starcom1 Advance on-bike communication kit

The system gives crystal clear sound, even at high speed on the fairing-free GSR and the rider-to-pillion voice activated system really works. - READ MORE

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