Q. How does Starcom1 compare to the competition?

There are few systems that have all the features of Starcom1, very few have noise cancelling technology that really works at high speed and non that has both at a sensible price.

Q. Can I use my mobile phone with Starcom1?

Yes we have a range of adaptors to suit most phones, we also sell the BTM-02 that allows you to connect to mobile phone or GPS and Bluetooth headset wirelessly.

Q. What is VOX?

VOX is a voice activated control system which can be used to control a two-way radio cause it to transmit when you speak. It can also be used to mute the audio or music, enabling the rider and pillion to turn off the music whilst talking.

Q. Do I need a switch or VOX to talk rider to pillion?

No, Starcom1 is a full dual channel system, which means that rider and pillion can both talk naturally and at the same time.

Q. What is PTT?

PTT is the push to talk switch used to control a two way radio. It can be used instead of or with the VOX system. The switch is normally mounted on the handlebars and are thumb-operated.

Q. Can I use a navigation or radar system with Starcom1?

Yes, the GPS or Radar needs to have an audio output for cable connection, or a Blutooth ‘Headset Profile’ for connection via our blutooth module BTM-02.

Q. I wear earplugs but my passenger doesn’t. Does Starcom1 have a rider-pillion balance control?

Yes, Starcom1 is designed with this in mind..

Q. I wear earplugs. Can I use Starcom1?

Yes, Starcom1 has a fully adjustable volume control and powerful amplifiers. In fact we recommend that ear plugs are used to reduce the ambient noise.

Q. What is the warranty with Starcom1?

We offer a full 12-month warranty on Starcom1 and accessories

Q. Can I fit Starcom1 myself?

Most customers fit their own systems. Everything required is included in the kits and the instruction manual gives comprehensive instructions. The wiring requires only a pair of pliers, no wires need to be cut or soldered.

Q. Can I play portable music through Starcom1?

Yes, a stereo music lead is supplied with all Starcom kits and plugs into the headphone socket on any portable audio system (MP3, walkman, CD, MID etc)

Q. What is side tone and is it required?

Side tone is microphone feedback; as you talk you hear it through your own speakers. Within a crash helmet you can hear yourself even at speed, so feedback isn’t necessary. The problem with side tone is thatif wind noise is picedk up, you will hear it. Budget intercoms normally use only a single channel for both rider and pillion so both hear everything that goes into either microphone; speech and noise! Starcom1 uses two independent and separate channels halving potential noise problems. The test for any system is: can side tone be turned off. On Starcom systems side tone is factory set to off but can be switched on if required.

Q. How are Starcom systems sold?

Systems are generally sold as kits that include everything needed for a rider and/or a rider-to-passenger. You can then expand your system to meet your specific needs by choosing an accessory to interface e.g. a GPS, phone, radar detector, music device, bike-to-bike radio transceiver, a passenger and/or power alternatives. To find out what interface lead you require, click on the 'accessories' section on the home page then direct yourself to the appropriate section where a range of popular accessories will be shown.

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‘This British built-intercom system is among the best if not the best available'.

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The system gives crystal clear sound, even at high speed on the fairing-free GSR and the rider-to-pillion voice activated system really works. - READ MORE

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